Specialty Contractors GL

States Available: NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL, MS, and LA

General Contractors

  • Custom Homebuilders, Remodeling, and Commercial Construction
  • 100% subcontracting permitted
  • Blanket A.I., Blanket WOS, per project Aggregate and Blanket P/N Forms available

Artisan Contractors

  • Coverages for the small to medium size contractor such as plumbers, carpentry, electrical, drywall and others.

Ineligible Risks/Exposures

  • Any new construction of tract, condo, or townhome
  • Apartment to condo conversions
  • Roofers doing any hot tar, torch work, spray-on, or any roofing application that requires a heat source


Janice Biggs
Senior Underwriter – Property & Casualty

600 NC Hwy. 42 West
Clayton, NC 27528-0829

Phone: 678-832-2108

Laura Richardson
Vice President Property & Casualty

Northridge Center 1
365 Northridge Rd Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30350

Phone: 706-429-3629